How to troubleshoot the issues of Dell printer?

Dell Printers are amazing peripherals that display the same amount of exterior strength prevalent through the rest of the Dell components. The strength traits combined with the almost adequate printout quality of these devices have made them a favorite of many households and professional ventures. But still, when it comes to printing peripherals it is bit far from the already established exclusive devices. Therefore, you should be surprised if you hit any error. Fortunately, there are fixes for the most for such issues.

If you hit any such problems, then you must follow the following methods presented to you by the good folks of Dell Printer Support Canada:

  1. Troubleshoot Number 1: Resetting the computer: One of the most rudimentary fixes for many PC issues, restarting a computer can easily fix the printer by refreshing its drivers, and other software associated with it. To do this:
    • Make sure that every connection is sturdy and stable
    • Turn off the PC
    • Unplug the printing peripheral from the CPU and the AC adapter and set it aside for some time. (30 seconds will do just fine)
    • Start the computer
    • Turn the device back on
    • Under favorable conditions, this will make your device perform again. If not, you can move on to the next method.
  2. Troubleshoot number 2: Driver reinstallation: A corrupt driver will always make sure to put a damper on the printing jobs. To that end, reinstalling these drivers is your best option. Fortunately, as the driver is completely based on the software, you do not need to go to device management to do this
    • From start, navigate to the control panel
    • You can either select the “Add and remove programs” or “programs and features” subjective of your operating system
    • Uninstall the program from the list provided
    • Disconnect the printer
    • Reinsert the CD and reinstall the entire program: reconnect the printing device when prompted
    • This can fix the issue with your device.
  3. Troubleshoot number 3: Perform the device diagnostics: the printer software that you have installed will provide with optimal troubleshooting solutions for the printer itself. You can go through its options to diagnose the device, clean the print head, align the pages etc.

If the above processes haven’t sorted out your issues, then make sure that you have access to an optimal support team. You can do so by contacting the experts via the toll-free Dell Printer Support Number Canada +1-888-404-0505

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