How To Setup Dell Printer With Wireless Router

Dell printers are known for their quality and strong features which is the reason it has captured the market so early after the launch. Since the brand itself has garnered a lot of love from the users in computers’ market and that is exactly the positivity they are bringing in the table. So, if you are the next customer of Dell product, you will need to have the knowledge about the connectivity of wireless router.

As suggested by the Dell Printer Support, the device and technology in general is developing everyday. Innovations are making things possible which we never thought would have been possible, such is the innovation of Wireless network. Once thought, it is impossible, currently we cannot think of wired networks.

Steps to Setup Dell Printer With Wireless Router

  1. Turn on the printing device and PC that is connected to the wireless network.
  2. Insert the Software and Documentation CD that came with the device into your PC’s disc drive. You can also download the driver and software from the official website of Dell.
  3. When you get prompted in your screen, Accept. the License Agreement and follow directions.
  4. When asked, connect USB cable to your PC and printer. Then, disconnect the USB when it prompts to.
  5. Complete the installation process, and configure and align your cartridges into your device.
  6. Click on Start and choose Control Panel. Then double-click on the Devices and Printers followed by Control Panel.
  7. Now Add a printing device.
  8. Choose the option which says wireless or network printer.
  9. Now the OS will search for any devices on your network.
  10. Select your printer from the list
  11. When prompted with Add Printer Wizard, select your device’s Manufacturer and model.
  12. Now, tap OK.
  13. Click Finish to complete the process.

The above steps will let you set up the wireless network for your printing device. In case, you have any other concerns regarding your printer, we can provide you an extremely effective team to help you out. Contact our agents at Dell Printer Support Number +1-888-404-0505 they will sure resolve your issue without any hassle. The expert team has an amazing amount of experience and knowledge in the field to guide you in any related problem.

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